Halina Rice Marking Manchester’s Canvas

Articles, Spotlight // Sun 5 Feb 2023 - 19:26pm

Halina Rice is an electronic music producer esteemed for her experimentation with a gauntlet of styles, fluidly transitioning between ambient soundscapes, atmospheric IDM, and abrasive rhythms in such a way that leaves her listeners with an all-encompassing view of her craftsmanship.

However, Rice has also carved out a unique position for herself as a renowned AV artist, binding electronic music and visual art through live audio-visual and immersive sound experiences. The experimental artist has spoken about her creative vision, stating, “In one sense, immersive is a technical description of how I might present sound or projections, but from an evocative stance, it’s more about the desire to create an experience for the audience which takes them outside of the day to day”.

In other words, Rice’s mission is to amplify her listener’s consciousness and to collapse all distinctions between reality and the world she creates; all that is solid is melted by her carefully crafted sonics. This is epitomised by her latest album, Elision, which was released at the end of last year with Injazero Records; a design-conscious experimental electronic and Avant-ambient label from London and Istanbul.

Photography by Ewan Galvin

So, with Rice’s recent announcement that she will be bringing one of her spellbinding shows to Manchester’s Canvas this March, we would love to draw upon some of our favourite tracks from Elision.

Elision opens with the ethereal calmness of ‘Hey’, and listeners are immediately transported to another world; more precisely, Halina Rice’s world. But after nearly four minutes of meandering melodic textures, listeners are immediately met with the commanding presence of ‘Third’, which, ironically, is the second track of the album.

The track begins slowly and sparsely; it feels muted and soft, but when the synth lines and percussion begin to kick in, the interlocking melodies creates a simple, yet haunting, otherworldly feeling. ‘Third’ is one of those rare tracks that leaves its listeners feeling unbounded by space and time, which aligns perfectly with Rice’s intentions.

‘Helix’ is a track that is supposed to be played in a giant room, with its gorgeous synths, melodic chimes, and transcending vocals. It is a steady track, it never trips over the edges of its rhythmic patterns, it simply blooms and bursts like a flower in the spring.

The vocal modulations we are introduced to at the start of the album with ‘Hey’ extend beyond the bounds of this track and quickly become central to ‘EXP3’; a track that is surging, melodic, and impactful, but most importantly, ecstasy-inducing. ‘EXP3’ is layered to extreme depths, but without being cluttered.

Elision is the quintessential balance between beautiful IDM and club-tooled music that transcends the dancefloor, and our team cannot wait to immerse ourselves with her Manchester show in March.