Bicep new album ‘Isles’ out now

New releases, News // Fri 15 Jan 2021 - 21:24pm

Belfast born, London based duo Andy Ferguson & Matt McBriar have released their second Album, Isles, on Ninja Tune.

Isles represents a ‘snapshot in time’ with the duo experimenting with a 90s RnB style, curated specifically for home listening and the continually evolving new sonic elements for their live shows in 2021.

Influenced by sounds the duo unearthed after moving to London, the album features “Hindi vocals overheard from distant rooftops & snatches of Bulgarian choirs drifting from passing cars”.

The track ‘Apricots’ samples Malawian singers and a Bulgarian vocal troupe, with other collaborations including RnB style British artist Clara La San, and Canadian cellist and composer Julia Kent.

The duo released ‘sundial’ ahead of the album launch Friday 22nd January: “This is probably one of the simplest tracks on the album, it grew from a faulty Jupiter 6 arp recording. Our trigger isn’t working properly and the arp skips notes randomly. This was a small segment taken from a recording of Andy just playing the arp live whilst we were just trying to figure out what was going wrong. We actually loved what it had produced and wrote some chords around it, guided by the feeling of this recording.”

Isles Track list:

1. Atlas, 2. Cazenove, 3. Apricots, 4. Saku (feat. Clara La San), 5. Lido, 6. X (feat. Clara La San), 7. Rever (feat. Julia Kent), 8. Sundial, 9. Fir, 10. Hawk (feat. machìna), 10. Hawk (feat. machìna)

The album is available now.