Tribal Tracks: New Releases // 005

Articles, New releases // Fri 16 Apr 2021 - 18:13pm

We are back this week with another Tribal Tracks. This edition includes releases of tech house, minimal, drum and bass and more. 

Detlef, Cloonee – ‘Scratchin”

First up is the new collaboration from two tech house wizards, well established Detlef and rising Sheffield star Cloonee. Scratchin’ features acidic synths with a hip hop type vibe sample that work well together to create a catchy, house beat. 

Jizz, Sheepie – ‘Come Together’ EP

Secondly we have the latest EP from Mexican artists, Jizz and Sheepie. The EP is made up of two tracks, Come Together and The Break Up, with an extended edition of both. It is an EP full of atmospheric, minimal groove. 

Redlight – ‘Leaf

Bristol-born DJ and producer Hugh Pescod has an electric style that encompasses everything from minimal techno and dubstep, to two-step garage and lush house. Pescod has set out to make no two tracks the same and Leaf is no exception – featuring trance-inducing beats, hypnotic hi-hats and euphoric backing vocals.

Alan Fitzpatrick, Joel Mull, Frangie – ‘We Don’t Know Anything Yet’

One of the most renown techno DJs, Alan Fitzpatrick releases his new track on Drumcode with a remix by Adam Beyer.

Pendulum – Come Alive

One of the most popular dnb acts of the early 21st century, Pendulum are a UK-based, Australian group formed in Perth back in 2002. They returned from a seven-year hiatus, releasing on their own label, Earstorm.

Darius Syrossian, – ‘La Tribu’ EP

Manchester based DJ & Producer Darius Syrossian releases his EP La Tribu on Ben Raus label “inkal meta’. The EP features his signature Tribal house sound with minimal melodic elements. 

O’Flynn – ‘Talia’

London-born producer and DJ O’Flynn has a prosperous career ahead. When listening to Talia you’re taken on a journey. Soft high hats and minimalistic electric beats are guided by soothing vocals, followed by a diverse orchestra of electronic sound that frequently builds up and breaks down – each bar is unique in its own way

Chaos In The CBD, Jon Sable – ‘Te Puke Thunder’ EP

Last but by no means least, we have the latest EP from kiwi duo, Chaos In The CBD and also New Zealand born, London based Jon Sable. Named after a New Zealand cannabis strain from the 70’s, believed to be completely wiped out in the country, the EP is deep, hypnotic and chronic. 

Words by Ruth Casey and James Barnes