Faking a rave during a pandemic: void & lighting install

Behind the scenes // Thu 21 Jan 2021 - 11:53am

We never thought capturing visual content for Tribal would become such a challenge. But in a time of national lockdowns, strict social distancing rules and a ban on throwing a couple hundred people in a sweaty warehouse, our approach to producing content had to adapt.

Back in April 2020, whilst still very much in shock from the escalating global health situation, it felt like there was little left to discuss when it came to events. Surely Tribal was dead in the water – events were clearly not happening anytime soon.

For context, we had just cancelled one announced show, two unannounced warehouse dates had fallen through and any hope of being able to run our summer season of headliner terrace parties was beginning to fade. Long story short – our whole calendar was wiped out.

It took a few months, whilst still in the highest level fo restrictions to formulate a plan for content. If we can’t focus on events then we focus on what we can do – a digital response in light of covid. The only problem… we had little to no up to date imagery or video. But now we know what we needed.

Finally the wheels started turning – we had venue space in the form of legendary Hope Works warehouse in Sheffield. We liaised endlessly with local lighting and sound specialists and set a date for a team of photographers and videographers to join us in capturing this unique space. We were to fully kit out a venue with a production install worthy of the headliner but just for the evening. A VOID acoustic setup was brought in on top of the existing sound install at Hope Works – just like it will be when clubs re-open and we launch there. We’re so set on bringing VOID wherever we go we decided to push the whole shoot back a week simply because we would struggle to transport the kit in the midst of national lockdown.

There was nothing like being back in a proper club environment, fully kitted out. You could feel the excitement of everyone involved.

To be honest, the most frustrating part of the shoot has been not being able to share anything for months. We’re still sitting on the best of the content, and can’t wait to drip feed it out across social over the next few months. You’ll see some of the photography across our new website.

Special thanks to Theta Productions for working closely with us on this and sharing our vision. Also thanks to Liam at Hope Works for allowing us to take over his incredible space for the evening. We look forward to working with you closely for the upcoming warehouse season.