Tribal Tracks: The Afters Selection

Articles // Sun 7 Nov 2021 - 19:50pm

We’re back with another round-up of our favourite tracks, this edition features records perfect for any afters – hand-picked by our melomanic journalists, Aimee Dodd and Ruth Casey.

‘Eros’ — Dusky

Dusky’s track ‘Eros’ from their forthcoming album, ‘JOY’, harks back to the euphoric spirit of UK Garage, whilst still looking ahead — zigzagging between old-school house and an arrangement of refreshing modern sounds. Dusky slowly stirs the track, quickening its pace and adding earthy drums, before the beat slips away to reveal a gorgeous, soaring melody; accompanied by clippings of SWV’s track, ‘Weak’. Dusky has somehow managed to cut fresh ground with this combination, and this raw grit in sculpting zealous electronic tracks proves why the duo remains at the forefront of the community. There is no doubt that this track will spark many dance floors at the afters.

‘Just’ — Bicep

Irish breakbeat duo Bicep’s track Just from their 2015 EP of the same name is one of their most underrated track, that only in recent years has begun to gain the recognition it so clearly deserves. It’s hypnotic melody and vocal samples gel together to create one of the best party closers ever produced, and it is one of the most inspiring tracks to up and coming artists. There is never enough of Just and its ability to transfix its listeners.

‘El Nido (Skream Remix)’ Trance Wax, Skream

Few artists are as adept at blending percussive synth lines, a muted kick drum and pulsating bass line overlayed by raw hammering kicks that bend you to their whim—but then again, Skream can make anything work. The pound of the beat, weaved with the Afro-inspired chants, reverberates throughout the track, yet the peaceful and groovy elements of the original track are not lost. While Skream’s heavier hitting tracks usually promise a descent into madness, ‘El Nido’ never quite gets there—Skream is in full control. The attention to detail in this track is remarkable, and the build ups will keep you dancing until the sun rises.  

‘What’s a Girl to Do’ — Fatima Yamaha

The ultimate afters song, What’s a Girl to Do was also released in 2015 on Dutch producer Fatima Yamaha’s EP, A Girl Between Two Worlds and remains a timeless classic in dance music, and will do so eternally. There is something so comforting about What’s a Girl to Do, there is no feeling quite like the one this track brings. Also listen out for the sample of Scarlett Johansson as Charlotte in Sofia Coppola’s film, Lost in Translation. Other notable tracks on the EP include At The Foot Of Mt. Arrarat and Half Moon rising.

Eating Glue’ — Paranoid London

Paranoid London are the masters at mimicking the grubby, sleazy aura of the afters—even in the hyper-sanitised world of COVID. ‘Eating Glue’ is characterised by simple riffs, an overweight bassline and gritty vibes. The track is accompanied by Mulato Pintado’s tongue-in-cheek ramblings, “I got lost / In her skirt / I got lost in the mix man / I don’t know my name, Jack”; capturing how bizarre everything becomes when you’re a little too far gone. ‘Eating Glue’ is the ultimate run-down groove for the afters—after all, a bit of dirty acid house never hurt anybody. 

‘Alles’ — Computer Data

Computer data is one of the more brilliant, lesser-known US producers of lo-fi house, and this track is probably his best release so far. His 2018 single ‘Alles’ is a gorgeous track for the afters, when you’re melted into the sofa surrounded by friends, reminiscing the memorable parts of the night. A perfect blend of lo-fi nostalgia, it is afters track that evokes so many feelings and emotions.

Perfume’ — Logic1000

Although we all know that R&B is an influence that has become mutually exclusive with the electronic community, Logic1000 doesn’t just borrow its textures, she aims for its pathos. Combining infectious beats with Avant’s soulful vocals, this impressive track is at just the right BPM for dancing, despite the heart-breaking lyrics. Logic1000’s power to create an uplifting, club-ready track with emotional lyrics will make you feel exhilarated. ‘Perfume’ is the perfect track to continue the sweaty dance floor action with at the afters. 

‘Heartbreaker’ — Crazy P

Now considered a disco classic, Crazy P’s ‘Heartbreaker’ from their 2011 alum When We On is an emotive yet groove filled banger. Originating from Nottingham, the electronic band’s influences include vintage disco, soul and house music. With this song in particular, all three of these shine through, with the bass line and rhythm guitar as well as the groove factor pushing the song along. Heartbreaker is an incredible track for its feel-good factor. When you come to the end of the night, the early hours of the morning and you begin to feel drained and tired, this is the ultimate pick up.

‘Another Girl’ — Jacques Greene

If Jacques Greene gently opened the door between R&B and electronic music, ‘Another Girl’ rushed through it and built a world where euphoric and untethered sounds abound. You might think ‘Another Girl’ is just a pitched-up R&B track, but it is so much more than that—Greene not only borrows phrases from Ciara’s ‘Deuces’ and rearranges it completely, but he also layers it with syncopated snares, rolling emotion topography and staccato synths that push the song forward. ‘Another Girl’ is the perfect track to end the night with. 

‘Love Somebody Else’ — Maceo Plex, Jon Dasilva, Joi Cardwell

Not only one of the best afters songs, but simply one of the greatest dance tracks ever produced, ‘Love Somebody Else’ is a deep, soulful house track that makes one feel as though you are about to ascend to heaven. A more modern interpretation of The Jones’ Girls original 1979 song ‘You Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else’, and is one for the end of the nights into the early hours of the morning when hallucinations catch up with sleep deprivation; close your eyes and you’re taken to a different world. 

Words by Aimee Dodd and Ruth Casey