Tribal Tracks: Return of the Rave

Articles // Mon 19 Jul 2021 - 13:24pm

Here at Tribal, we have been dying to get back to the rave, just as much as our fans and fellow ravers have been for over a year. In celebration of clubs reopening, our press team have put together a list of our favourite dance tracks that we cannot wait to hear back out in the crowds. A playlist of our featured tracks can be found below.

‘Born to be Slytherin (Tbilisi Mix)’ – Viper Diva

French techno duo Viper Diva aka Shlomo and Hadone brought a surge of excitement to the pandemic last year with their first production release as a duo, their Born To Be Slytherin EP which was released in April 2020. The title track, Born to Be Slytherin (Tbilisi Mix) was teased multiple times at live sets before its release, including its feature in Viper Diva’s incredible March 2020 Unpolished set, just around a week before the Netherlands went into lockdown. It is an anthemic techno track full of power and piercing synths that deliver goosebumps that we have all been waiting to hear at our return to the rave

‘Melt!’ – Kelly Lee Owens 

Welsh-born, but now London-based, Kelly Lee Owens has been making waves in the dance world for the last few years. But one of her most notable and exciting tracks is one that holds a potent message, allowing listeners to attest issues of climate change on the dancefloor. ‘Melt’ lyrically and sonically reflects the climate crisis plummeting past its breaking point, weaving samples of glacial ice melting and people ice skating. The only way to describe this entire track is euphoric. ‘Melt!’ is undeniably a four-to-the-floor banger, intertwining organic samples with punchy techno and thumping rhythms. 

‘Croydon Girl’ – Chris Liberator & Stirling Moss

A staple up-tempo acid techno track, Croydon Girl is a pounding track with a banging bassline and enticing acid – not to mention the super cool vocal sample of “cos I love fat 303s, fat rigs, fast drugs, fuck you”, that you just cannot help but proclaim along with, catch us at the next rave screaming it before the track thuds straight back into fist pumping techno. This is a track of the more underground British techno scene, and one that deserves to be played loud.

‘Take Me As I Am’ – Chris Lorenzo, The Streets

Spinning tales of love, drugs, and nightlife, ‘Take Me As I Am’ is the epitome of British life. The track pays homage to Skinner’s quintessential snapshots of life as a young person in the UK, focusing on the nuances of women’s DM’s and weekend misadventures after dark. With Mike Skinner’s all-night garage, illuminated by the darker disposition of Lorenzo’s pounding drum and bass, the duo lay down the law of dance music: with tight drums, piercing bass synths and observational wit. The frenetic ride through UK drum and bass, intertwined with garage soundscapes, designates ‘Take Me As I Am’ as a massive dance floor-shaker. 

‘LF10’ – Dusky

Irish DJ and production duo Dusky never disappoint, which is clear to hear in LF10 from their 2017 Square Miso / LF10 single. LF10 features a sample from an interview with two enthusiastic and stimulated ravers the morning after Fantasia’s New Years Eve rave in Castle Donnington in the 90’s (an iconic video most are familiar with), “Are you guys gonna stop ever or are you keep dancing forever?” / “I’m gonna keep dancing forever me, I haven’t got a worry in the world mate”. It is a track that unites ravers of all ages with its old school rave influences both in the sample and in the rest of the track, such as its 90’s-like piano house grooves and melodic textures.

‘Temperature Rising’ – KETTAMA

KETTAMA delivers the heat with his high-octane track, ‘Temperature Rising’: highlighted by fierce percussive foundations, unrelenting drums, and hard-hitting hi-hats. Although terms such as fierce tend to be used negatively, with ‘Temperature Rising’, the aggressive soundscape that KETTAMA has constructed radiates uncompromising energy that is alluringly captivating. Featuring samples from Raw Silk’s ‘Do It To The Music’, KETTAMA’s track is a multi-faceted odyssey of euphoric breakbeats and deep grooves – it’s a high-energy number and a sure-fire track to get any rave heaving. 

‘Lumberjackin’ – Vocal Mix’ – Serum, Inja

Drum and bass DJ / producer and one third of Kings of the Rollers, Serum, teamed up with MC Inja in February 2018 for the vocal mix of Lumberjackin’, on his Serum and Benny V’s label Souped Up,  and together they created a drum and bass / jump up track packed full of energy. The vocals in the track add so much more to compared to the original instrumental, and it is layered with jungle like drums whilst returning to the roots of drum and bass and retaining electronic style. It is a fire track loved by all and certainly one to get any party started, even your nan would skank out to this one.

‘Got The Fire’ – Michael Bibi 

With an ambient electronic prelude, accompanied by hypnotic deadpan vocals, you will instantly be drawn into this atmospherically layered track. ‘Got The Fire’ possesses all the attributes to affirm its reputation as the quintessential rave track. Bibi chooses a fat deep house groove for the foundation of the track, controlled by an elastic bassline and Bibi drum patterns. As the rumbling and relentless bass ascends and descends, pressure is placed upon the track, forcing it to burst into a squinting-strobe sound. ‘Got The Fire’ is a hedonistic rave track that is ready to fill the corners of every warehouse. 

Words by Ruth Casey and Aimee Dodd