Tribal Tracks: New Releases // 007

Articles, New releases // Fri 9 Jul 2021 - 02:35am

We’re back with yet another round-up of our favourite new releases. From loaded bassline techno wobblers with hypnotic beats, to ambient summer tracks backed by blossoming sounds – this edition has it all. Hand-picked by our melomanic journalists, Ruth Casey and Aimee Dodd, each track is a must listen. A playlist of our featured tracks can be found below, be sure to give it a follow.

Decius, Fat White Family and Johnny Aux – ‘Masculine Encounter II’ EP

The enigmatic disco residents, Decius, are back with another EP, ‘Masculine Encounter’. Out of the three tracks featured on the EP, ‘Masculine Encounter II’ is the most dance-floor-effective. Opening with a pulsing bassline, the track is quickly taken over by hard kicks, rolling snares, and thunderous claps, providing a sense of urgency and euphoria. It’s the perfect EP to whip you back into a frenzy after disco hours.

Skream – ‘Instakord’

DJ and producer Oliver Jones AKA Skream’s latest single ‘Instakord’ on his IFEEL label, is a techno wobbler made fast paced cut by the rolling synths, loaded bassines and compounding claps. High-tempo hi-hats give the song the momentum it needs, guiding the listener through a world of hypnotic sounds that are undoubtedly perfect for the dancefloor. Also putting a spin on the single is Berlin-based Minimal Violence, producing an industrial remix of the track with heavy percussions and chaotic breaks. 

Michael Bibi, Kitty Got Claws – ‘Paradise’ 

Michael Bibi’s latest single pulls down the tempo, juxtaposing his string of rolling tech-house thumpers with a dance-ready melody. ‘Paradise’ departs from Michael Bibi’s usual ridiculously groovy soundscape, epitomised by powerful percussion patterns, sharp synth works and robust kicks. Instead, Bibi layers undulating rhythm and ambient techno grooves, as waves of Kitty Got Claws’ cascade over a pulsating beat. ‘Paradise’ opens the door to a world overflowing with euphoric, innovative, and untethered electronic sounds.

Fjaak – ‘FUSE’

German techno duo latest release is their single, ‘Fuse’, from their up-and-coming release, SYS03, the third instalment in the series the two of them began to financially help the venues that hold a special place in their heart. This edition is dedicated to Fabric in London, Blitz in Munich, Fuse Brussels & Cologne’s Gewoelbe, all with fascinating history behind them & all facing consequences of the ongoing pandemic.

C.O.Z, Matt Guy and Faber – ‘Don’t You’ EP

You best pick up those dancing feet, or this hard-hitting EP, ‘Don’t You’ will sweep you right off them. Where the titular track layers beckoning soulful vocals over a moody bassline, imitating a tech-house classic, ‘Before I Go to Sleep’ injects you with a heavy dose of mystery. With a pile-driving bass pulse, and punishing hi-hats, buoyed by hypnotic vocals, it’s the perfect track for guiding ravers into the maelstrom of the night. 

Eats Everything ‘Think About The Revolution’ EP

Dan Pearce AKA Eats Everything is back with his latest EP, ‘Think About The Revolution’ on Marco Faraone’s label, Uncage. The EP consists of two tracks ‘Think About the Revolution’ a pumping tech house dancefloor filler which features a sample of a news interview talking about the revolution, and ‘Sain’, which features a hypnotic techno tinged groove with added old school vocals that bring a darker side to the EP.

Ben Hemsley ‘I Feel Love’ EP

Ben Hemsley has revamped Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’, stripping the track of its disco elements in exchange for consuming techno, on his latest EP. Hemsley has established his ability to modernise old school rave tracks, but ‘I Feel Love’ undeniably creates the most intense experience for ravers. Maintaining the vocal forefront of Donna Summer, Hemsley intertwines hard-punching techno laced with a tinge of acid. This track is designated to detonate any dancefloor that it is played on.

Jesse Bru – ‘Yellow Sunshine Machine’

‘Yellow Sunshine Machine’ is the latest deep house single from Canadian MC, DJ and producer, Jesse Bru. It’s a light and lovely summer track with a more ambient and blossoming sound. The tune begins as an upbeat and groovy plethora of summer sounds. After an abrupt break, Jesse progressively builds the song back up, introducing each old or new sound back in like a carefully constructed orchestra. Just like the title suggests, it emits good vibes and happiness. 

Words by Ruth Casey and Aimee Dodd.