Tribal Spotlight: East End Dubs

Articles, Spotlight // Fri 28 May 2021 - 14:42pm

Tribal is proud to present East End Dubs, Jaden Thompson, and Nick Spencer as part of Season Two, launching as a full capacity, 10 hour open-air festival at Hope Works, Sheffield.

As part of our launch, we’re exploring each artist’s background, key influences, and top songs.

He is imbued with the same urban grit, late night menace, and subtle mischief as the East London streets from which he took his name from.

The London-based producer, East End Dubs, first broke through to the scene back in 2012 with his minimal tech productions.

He has continued to grow and excel as both a DJ and producer, propelling to the forefront of the scene and now has over twenty releases on established labels such as Fuse, Hot Trax, and Hot Creations. His tracks feature an urban, underground UK house sound, reminiscent of the city suburbs from which his name is derived: East London.

Self-considered firstly a DJ, and second a producer, East End Dubs began spinning records around 15 years ago, which influenced the establishment of his own record label, Eastenderz.

Doing all of his own A&R since the label was formed back in 2014, he has welcomed a new wave of artists to the industry and minimal genres. The label boasts underground heavyweights: Chris Stussy, Okain, Sidney Charles, Luuk Van Djik, Toman, and Rossi. Eastenderz sits amongst some of the underground’s most respected imprints and will soon become integral to the scene.

He has spent untold hours hunting for those most timeless records – it’s an addiction as much as it is a hobby and a passion.

East End Dubs makes music for clubs, if it doesn’t work – he doesn’t release it. Having sold over 40,000 copies, vinyl releases of his tracks and EP’s that do make it out there are instantly recognisable; with multicoloured splatter designs, they are staple additions for any avid collector’s shelf.

Many years of record collecting and producing has given East End Dubs an incredibly extensive musical knowledge. He has an undeniable ability to flood any dancefloor with ravers, ready to hear him smash out hours of dub-inspired deep house tracks at sold out shows – such as 338 in London and even Sankey’s in Ibiza.

2017 saw DJ Mag nominating him for ‘Breakthrough Producer of the Year’, with his track “bRave” in the running for ‘Track of the Year’ just two years later.

He’s notorious for a stripped back but characterful groove from dubbed out regions of the house, garage, and tech worlds.

His slick approach to stripped-back tech is a masterclass in real house music, another reason why he garners regular support from the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Marco Carola, Jamie Jones, and Joseph Caprita.

After three years in the studio, he is now repping a brand new 30 track project, Social. The 10-part, 12″ package is designed specifically for the dance floor and embodies everything East End Dubs stands for.

As the world stopped spinning last year, EED saw an opportunity to refine and develop his sound. He’s taking on 2021 with big moves, armed with a stack of new material and a soon-to-be-released album that will represent the next stage of the East End Dubs journey.

Eastenderz’s presence across Europe is ever-growing, be prepared for more unforgettable open-to-close sets as EED represents his inimitable London sound.

The Tribal team has hand-picked three of EED’s tracks, one recent release, one underrated track, and an all-time classic.

  • Recent release // London Thing
  • Underrated track // Feeline
  • All-time classic // What’s Goin On

Words by Ruth Casey