Skream, Benga and the 2022 Dubstep Revival

Articles // Wed 19 Jan 2022 - 18:11pm

There are so many things to be excited about within the music scene in 2022, including hopefully a full year of festivals, raves and other live music events with no break due to another lockdown.

However, one thing in particular to keep everyone on the very edge of their seats is the recent confirmation from Croydon born Oliver Jones – AKA Skream – that he will once again join fellow dubstep pioneer Benga in the studio once again.


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Jones took to Twitter in late December to announce their dubstep revival…

Returning from a 12-year hiatus, this reunion will be the first time the boys have worked together on a project since 2011, when they put together an Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1. The productions will be the first since 2003, when they released the dubstep classic, ‘The Judgement‘.

Since this, Skream & Benga also collaborated with producer Artwork to form Magnetic Man back in 2010; the trio released their self-titled album that year, and their debut track ‘I Need Air’ featuring Angela Hunte peaked at number 10 in the UK charts. 

‘I Need Air (feat. Angela Hunte)’ – Magnetic Man, Angela Hunte

Both of the dubstep trailblazers have gone on to other successes and projects since their work together and the collaboration with Artwork. Skream has transitioned to more of a house and disco DJ whereas Benga released a full length album ‘Chapter II‘ in 2013 and maintained a low profile. 

‘Forefather’ – Benga, Kano

Throughout Skream’s career, he has also released two solo albums, ‘Skream!‘ in 2006 and ‘Outside the Box‘ in 2010. ‘Skream!‘ celebrated it’s 15th anniversary in 2021, which was the same year he released volumes 1-3 of his ‘Unreleased Classics‘ albums featuring unreleased tracks ranging from 2002 and beyond.

As well as this, there are collaborations with other artists such as Friction, Prospa, Jansons, Route 94 and several others to look forward to.

‘Summer Dreams’ – Skream

‘Where you Should be (feat. Sam Frank)’ – Skream, Sam Frank

‘Depth Charge’ – Skream

‘Boks’ – Skream

‘Lemon’ – Skream

He has also teased with the confirmation of the dubstep revival, having recently performed a 140 bpm dubstep set whilst on his New Zealand tour in Auckland. Long term, original fans of the old school Skream and Benga collaborations can expect to hear a new and exciting creative vision, with even more creative productions to come, with over 12 tracks already completed.

We look forward to the new journey for them both in 2022 and cannot wait for Skream to showcase his undying talent at our next Tribal Warehouse show, on the 5th of February at Hope Works, Sheffield.

The playlist below us features our favourite tracks from their discographies – be sure to give it a follow.