New HÖRizons: Keeping Dance Afloat

Articles, News // Wed 5 Oct 2022 - 19:19pm

Berlin-based YouTube phenomenon HÖR announced a new subscription service and website, officially launching on October 17th.

Over the pandemic, many ravers were desperate to see their favourite DJs spin a set, with HÖR becoming the focal point of the techno community with their high-quality streams from the now iconic white-tiled ‘bathroom’.

When we saw the news of the new subscription offered by the Berlin brand, we feared that many of HÖR‘s beloved sets would disappear behind a paywall.

Thankfully, this is not the case.

Streams and videos from HÖR will remain available for free (streaming from the new website) with fresh content including track lists and live comment sections. HÖR owners TV.OUT aim to use revenue from the platform to facilitate a ‘fair share’ system to provide a new revenue stream to artists.

It’s clear this new service steers clear of a cash grab, helping artists stay afloat while still providing content to cash-strapped ravers too skint to pay.

Outside of streaming,

Outside of streaming, HÖR has utilised their growing brand to create the HÖR Shop. This features limited runs of clothing, shoes and accessories featuring their brand, including the iconic Crocs.


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