Mall Grab releases ‘Metaphysical’ – “a quintessential club weapon”

Articles, New releases, News // Sat 5 Mar 2022 - 17:12pm

‘Metaphysical’ embodies the infectious, raw-energy that all die-hard fans of Mall Grab adore.

Back in early December of 2021, Tribal captured exclusive footage of the track’s club debut at WHP, Mayfield Depot MCR.

The London-based Aussie is known for operating at a dangerously high frequency. He specialises in a genre-transcending, infectious energy that involves the whole crowd.

Mall Grab frequently favours a tracklist of predominantly unreleased, strictly-for-the-floor MG material. With ‘Metaphysical’ being made for the clubs, it is a clear weapon of choice for himself and DJ’s alike.

The breakbeat single is out now on MG’s own Looking For Trouble imprint, a release well-awaited by those lucky enough to have heard it before.

Coined by the man himself as a “quintessential club weapon”, the track couples signature MG leads and basslinesfull of emotion and powerwith breaks and fast drum programming.

‘Metaphysical’ takes inspiration from London’s music scene and sprawling connectivity, it has a focus on forming a sense of community and reaching out to others.

“It is an homage to the music of my adopted hometown, London. I wrote this song in December 2021 just as shows and clubs were coming back and I could finally see all of the people (myself included) losing their shit to music again. Loud, chaotic and euphoric.”

Mall Grab’s rise from a welcome newcomer to a dominant force is hard to ignore. The songwriter maintains a steady release of genre-blending belters, all whilst running parties and spinning the axes of labels Looking For Trouble and Steel City Dance Discs.

It’s clear that MG is an unstoppable force that just keeps getting stronger.

Check out ‘Metaphysical’ and it’s accompanying music video by Liam Oz below:

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