Heardle: Wordle for music lovers – here’s how it works

Articles, News // Sun 6 Mar 2022 - 19:53pm

Since it’s launch earlier this year, the viral app Wordle took the world by storm. So many of us have already incorporated it into our daily routine, eager to solve the five-letter puzzle before the day is up.

For those longing for another Wordle-style app, Heardle will undoubtedly be your next addiction—especially if you’re an avid music listener.

The concept is quite simple, each day there is a new song to guess and users get six attempts to guess the song title correctly. After each incorrect attempt the given sample becomes progressively longer.

As well as being an excellent twist on the original app, Heardle is a great alternative for those who aren’t massive word-puzzlers but still enjoy a good brain-teaser.

A unique aspect of Heardle is the skip feature, which uses one of your six attempts. Compared to Wordle—which requires an input in order to gain more information—using skip on Heardle gives users more information to work with regardless if they’ve guessed or not.

When guessed correctly, the full-length track proceeds to play. Additionally, the number of required attempts and final sample duration are displayed on screen.

Similar to the emoji sharing feature on Wordle, Heardle allows users to copy and share a series of emoji revealing how many attempts you guessed that day’s track in.


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Heardle utilises a connection with Soundcloud to stream all of its samples directly to users. Thankfully, the selection of tracks used by Heardle are well known, these songs are pulled from “a list of the most streamed songs in the past decade”.

Knowing this information might help prevent you from guessing some obscure songs–if it ain’t popular, it ain’t right.

Click the link to check out Heardle.app, created by Omakase – Lead product designer: Glenn Angelo