Ewan McVicar unleashes new hometown tribute EP: ‘Heather Park’

Articles, New releases, News // Fri 8 Jul 2022 - 02:13am

Ewan McVicar, the man behind 2021’s soundtrack, Tell Me Something Good [TRICK], releases his new nostalgia-packed track: ‘Heather Park’.

Released on its identically named EP, ‘Heather Park’ sits alongside a 7.5-minute-long belter, ‘The Nucienda’.

The EP is McVicar’s debut on Ninja Tune’s well-established singles label, Technicolour Records. The imprint boasts releases from big-time producers such as DJ BORING, Peggy Gou and Barry Can’t Swim.

Following his meteoric rise to fame over the last year, one thing is clear: McVicar is anything but a one-hit-wonder. With his continued stream of floor-filling tracks, he’s already secured a dedicated fanbase eager to arm their playlists with his new releases.

True to his roots, the Ayr-born Scotsman dedicated the first instalment of his June BBC 1 residency to Glasgow’s own Sub Club. Securing this world-class residency has cemented his place as a class act in the UK scene.

McVicar possesses an unwavering devotion to his craft, and nothing proves this more than his May 2022 Boiler Room set. The hour-long mix was entirely comprised of his unreleased productions, offering the world an authentic taste of what’s to come.

Ayrshire’s best-known DJ closed out his Boiler Room debut in euphotic style, playing out ‘Heather Park’ to an energy-stricken crowd. Leagues of fans soon called for its release once the set ‘ayred’.

Written two years ago, the track ties back to the street on which he was raised and encapsulates the highs and lows he experienced growing up in the Scottish town of Ayr.

Throughout his rise, McVicar has invariably celebrated his Scottish origins. He often talks about late nights out and his work with Glasgow’s Sub Club on Instagram. The release of Back tae Ayr further cemented how humbled he is as one of Scotland’s most popular DJs.

Playing the Mixmag Lab on release day, McVicar will celebrate his most meaningful release in true fashion.

Check out the ‘Heather Park’ EP below.


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