Tribal Spotlight: DJ BORING

Articles, Spotlight // Tue 13 Apr 2021 - 10:00am

Tribal is proud to present DJ Boring as a part of Season Two, launching as a full capacity courtyard show at Hope Works, Sheffield. In support, we have Tribal residents: Nick Spencer, Giulio Pipe and Joe Tomo – with special guest Set Us 3. As part of our launch, we’re exploring each artist’s background, key influences, and top songs.

From relatively unknown artist to internationally in-demand DJ and live performer

The first Artist Spotlight on the Tribal Magazine features Tristan Hallis, aka DJ Boring. The Australian-born, London-based house producer sent shockwaves through the underground scene back in 2016 when his track “Winona” appeared on the iconic Slav Youtube channel; the channel features groovy, deep, and underground tunes. His breakout track is composed of modulated acid klangs, simple melodramatic chords, a syncopated chilled out 909 groove, and a poignant sample of Winona Ryder recalling a casting director telling her she wasn’t attractive enough to be an actress.

DJ Boring isn’t your average disc jockey

After its release, “Winona” not only defined house music for a new generation but changed the landscape of the genre. Boring’s fuzzy, slightly melancholy take on deep house became a viral hit – with his unique style becoming a favourite for many. He utilised samples of Ryder’s interview to reflect his experience as a modern-day music producer and capture the sentiment of a generation. Like Ryder, however, Hallis can now look back from his current success and disregard the people who didn’t have faith in his abilities.

He’s long mastered the art of clever moldies and stomping rhythms, but DJ Boring has a talent in how he controls the listener, and this is just as clear with his dexterity behind the decks.

Energetic journeys into forgotten gems and future classics, nothing about what he does is boring

Since being initially associated with the lo-fi house scene, Boring redefined his sound with further releases and now inhabits a space where Belgium Techno syncs with rolling funk, and old-school house is flawlessly blended with throwback trance. He meets each mix physically, capturing crowds with infectious performances intertwined with energetic journeys into forgotten gems and future classics – nothing about what he does is boring.

The producer utilises his studio to shape a contemporary sound that pays homage to the diverse past of dance music, mixing obscure samples into Chicago House or Detroit Techno-inspired tunes. Every track he produces is infused with his energetic personality – a connection to the art many of todays’ productions are lacking. Hardware and controllers are a natural extension of his creative being, acting as a conduit to express his unparalleled take on music and take listeners on a journey only he can construct.

Since his debut on DJ Haus’ E-Beamz, Boring has released music on Lost Palms, LPH White, and his freshly established label, Vienna – which he co-founded with Stanley Schmidt.

The Tribal team has hand-picked three of DJ BORING’s tracks, one recent release, one underrated track, and an all-time classic.

  • Recent release // Stranger – DJ BORING Remix [Anjunadeep]
  • Underrated track // Seems Like Yesterday [Technicolour]
  • All-time classic // 6 AM Mimosa [Let’s Play House]