808 State’s Andy Barker has passed away

Articles, News // Tue 9 Nov 2021 - 17:06pm

808 State legend Andrew Barker has sadly passed away at the age of 53. 

The band announced the acid house pioneer’s death on Sunday.  

On the day of his death, the band posted this statement on Twitter: “It’s with a heavy heart to inform you of the passing of Andrew Barker.” The statement from his family reads: “His family and friends asks that people respect their privacy at this time but remember him for the joy he brought through his personality and music. You’ll be sadly missed.”

Barker was one half of the Mancunian band, initially formed by Graham Massey, Martin Price and Gerald Simpson in 1988. Andrew Barker and Darren Partington, known as the Spinmasters, joined the group in 1989 following Simpson’s departure. 

Although the band are well-known for tampering with acid, IDM, and electro bombs, influenced by the sounds of Detroit and Manchester in the late 80s, Barker and Massey continued to explore contemporary electronic sounds—leading to their brain-mangling album, ‘Transmission Suite’. 

Barker’s influence as a member of the 808 State has defined an era of electronic dance music that has inspired iconic bands such as Orbital and the Chemical Brothers.


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Andy Barker was a bringer of joy, a pioneer and an innovator, he will be sadly missed by many across the globe. In light of his passing, we have curated a playlist that highlights the best of the 808 State.